Last Updated October 12, 2020

The Learn Connect Create app is owned by Learn Connect Create web team. If you have any further questions or comments regarding terms of use, please send us an email to

When you download and use the Learn Connect Create app, you automatically agree to the terms of use found on this site. You can download the Learn Connect Create app on Google Play.

1.What do our terms of use cover?

In these Terms of Use, we will explain how our mobile app (Learn Connect Create.) works – You will learn how the app works, what you can expect from it and how you can use it.

2.How does the app work?

Learn Connect Create is a chatting app intended for learning about blogging. You can download the app on Google Play. You can start using it as soon as you register your account.

When registering, you choose your username and email address that you want to use. Immediately after registration, each user is redirected to Welcome page, where it is explained how the app works.

After that you can reopen the app and start using it. First, you can create your own profile description and use a desire profile photo. Then you can start following the following pages: News Feed, Forum, Messenger, New messages, Affiliate marketing guide, Start niche blog guide.

You will receive advanced blogging tips once a day on the News Feed page. On each post you will be able to click on the Read more button which will take you to a redirected page where you will find complete blogging guides. You will receive a mobile notification every time a new post is issued on the News Feed page.

The forum page is intended for anyone who would like to ask mentor or other users of the app a question regarding blogging, email marketing or affiliate marketing.

Messenger is a page where you can communicate with your mentor. You can ask your mentor anything you wish to know about blogging. When you receive a reply, you will notice a mobile notification.

New messages is a page dedicated to debate. On this page, your mentor Sandra will post new blogging and entrepreneurship tips several times a day. You will have the opportunity to comment on each post or start communicating with your mentor. You will be notified via mobile notifications about each new post.

3.Proper app use:

The purpose of Learn Connect Create app is learning about blogging/ online business. When using the messenger, forum, comments, you need to conduct yourself in a civilized manner, as is the case with any chat app. The app should only be used for informational purposes as we cannot replace personal expert advice through chat and news feed messages. You must know that our content and services are our property and you are strictly forbidden from copying content or services.

4.Advertising and liability:

You may come across chat like ads in our app. You may come across an ad when your mentor promotes a particular blogging service or product. For example: service for setting up a blog, email marketing seminar… Service or product may be mentioned via chat or News Feed and inserted links. You may also find ads in email marketing if you are subscribed to our e-newsletter.

If you decide to purchase a service or product, our team may receive a set commission. You are responsible for any purchases that you make. As you are responsible for using the services and products in the right way, you should read the privacy policy and the terms of use on the page where you make the purchase.

5.Email marketing:

When you download our Learn Connect Create app and register your account, you provide your username and email address. Immediately after registering a user account, each user is signed up for our e-newsletter messages that are received from the address. You will receive additional tips on blogging and entrepreneurship to your email address five to eight times a week. In each email you have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter – you can do that by clicking the unsubscribe button. You will be receiving additional advice in our e-newsletter and from time to time the messages will be promotional. This means that we may also promote certain products or services in some of our email messages.

6.Quitting our services:

In case you have subscribed to our e-newsletter and want to stop receiving messages, you must find one of our e-mails and click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the message.

If you wish to stop using Learn Connect Create app, simply delete it from your phone. You can find out how to do this in your mobile phone manual or browse for this information online.

7.Terms of Use changes:

If any changes occur to terms of use during the operation and use of our services, we will change these terms of use. The new terms of use will be published here. – Date of last update will be published on the top of the page. Change can happen at any time. Be aware of this as you are responsible for following the terms of use before and during the use of our services.


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