Here we will describe in more detail our privacy policy and terms of use that are valid when you shop in our online store at the url address:,

If you have any additional questions: regarding your purchase, terms of use or privacy policy – contact us via this email address:

1.0. Terms of use:

1.1. Prices are fixed:

Our prices for individual projects are fixed. You may choose to purchase our services and pick between three different packages: Start Up, Go Geek, Grow Big. It is described in detail what you get from each package and that is exactly what you can expect from us. In addition, we will also listen to your requests in regards to the project. Should your requests significantly stand out from your purchased package, we will inform you about it via email and we will agree on which request we can implement according to your purchased package.

1.2. Consumer satisfaction:

Our team is committed to ensuring complete consumer satisfaction. We listen to your wishes and requests that you have for the project and try to implement them as best as we can. Obviously, your requests must be realistic in relation to the purchased package. The satisfaction of our customers motivates us to provide further work and we always pay a lot of attention to details such as beautiful design and good content. If there is something you do not like about your project, simply let us know and we will do our best to improve it.

1.3. We do not guarantee results:

Even though we set up your website / store based on our many years of experience, we cannot guarantee specific results or earnings. We do not guarantee your success. Success always depends on your ability to run the website, how much you educate yourself, how much you work and how you work. You may need to make some corrections to your site before you can see results. With regular education and work, you will be closer and closer to actual results.

1.4. Additional costs:

Before purchasing our services, we want to inform you that if you want to run online business, you will experience some additional costs such as annual domain registration and hosting, ordering annual email marketing services and costs of promoting your online business. You need to be aware that additional costs are part of every business, and the same is obviously true for online business as well.

1.5. Project revisions:

If you would like us to make any changes after purchasing our services, we will be happy to make them for you. You have 60 days after purchase to ask us to make minor corrections to your project.

2.0. Privacy Policy:

2.1. Your data stays private:

When you order we receive some personal information from you. You share with us access to other services where you have a user account and regardless of what data we obtain from you, or in what way we obtain it at the time of purchase, we do not share your data with anyone or use it in any way for marketing. We only use your data to work on your project.

2.2. Your data and your project:

Given that we offer you services such as setting up a website or store, we will discuss your project via email. It is your decision which information you will share about you on your website and how you will name your online brand. Your requests are our number one priority and we will make sure to implement them in the project.



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