1.What can you expect from us if you order our website setup service?

We will set up a website according to your wishes, we will create a modern design with a logo, we will write unique quality and relevant content that will describe your company and services or products, we will help you with domain registration and hosting, we will set up professional email marketing that will send out new emails to your subscribers on a daily or weekly basis, we will do basic off-site and on-site optimization.

P.S. We will work on your projects until you are completely satisfied. You can choose from three different packages: Start Up, Go Geek or Grow Big.

2. How to start with affiliate marketing?

You must first join a partner site such as ClickBank.com. Then you choose a product or service to promote. You set up a niche website and set up email marketing. You promote your chosen product or service on the website and in email marketing. If you want to earn money, your goal is to attract visitors that are interested in the promoted product to your website and email list. You can reach such visitors with targeted ads on Facebook, Bing or Google.

3. How does the website setup happen?

We first register the domain and hosting. A domain is a web address that can be visited by all Internet users. We set our website on the domain. Hosting allows us to make our website visible online 24/7 every day of the year. It is important to choose a unique domain for the website that will easily be remembered. We can choose the name of our company for the domain name or we can compose the name from two or three words that best describe our niche. Once we have registered hosting and domain we can set up the website on the WordPress platform.

4. How to gain new customers for my company over the internet?

We gain new customers by setting up a website. We publish all information about our company on this website. We describe in detail the services and products we offer. For potential buyers we publish: phone number, company address and email which they can use to contact us. Everyone who visits our website also has the option to subscribe to our email list. In exchange for the email address, we offer potential clients additional discount or extra information about the product and services. With email marketing we build trust and increase online sales. In order to gain as many new customers online as we possibly can, it is especially important that we have good content on our website and in email marketing. Of course it is also important to attract targeted visitors to the website.

5. What kind of content should email marketing campaign contain?

If you want to have a professionally set up email marketing campaign you need to have relevant, informative and fun content. Only with such content can you build trust with your subscribers. Later on, your customers will rather decide to buy a product or service from you than from a competitor they barely know. We can offer our customers a certain product or service from time to time. There is a lot of work with email marketing in the beginning, but once it is set up the way it should be, emails are sent completely automatically. After the campaign is set up, we only work on acquiring new email subscribers and answering their emails when they are interested in our services.

6. How are we different from our competitors?

Our Learn Connect Create team is working on online marketing. We help with setting up and growing online businesses for individuals and small businesses. We offer education and services so you can achieve your desired goals faster. When you purchase our services, we do not just take care of the website setup and design, but also of unique and quality content. We also set up an email marketing campaign that is professionally written specifically for your company or project. We offer unlimited revisions which means the project is not completed until you are completely satisfied. We offer competitive prices and web developers that are experienced in: setting up and designing websites, setting up email marketing campaigns, writing quality content with which we convert visitors into customers.

7.Where can I seek additional education regarding online business?

We suggest that you visit Bloggerfor: https://bloggerfor.com/top-online-courses. On this website you will find out about the best courses that are currently being offered by successful entrepreneurs. You will be able to learn a lot from them. One of the best courses you should not miss is the email marketing course.

8.Where can I order your online business setup service?

Visit our online store: https://learnconnectcreate.com/store/. Check our offer and contact us if you are interested in our services. We offer quality services at a competitive price. If you have any questions, you can simply contact us via email or live chat before placing an order.

9.I am interested in purchasing your services?

Visit our website learnconnectcreate.com and click on the Store page. You will learn more about our services on this page. You can place your order through the renowned Freelance website Fiverr. Upon purchase, you acquire consumer rights and the project is not completed until you approve it. In case you are not satisfied we also offer you a refund.

10.Can you also create a business card?

Of course, this is also an option. We can create a modern design for your business card. We can add all necessary information about your company to the business card: address, telephone number, email address, website. You can print out your business cards in a photocopy store.

11.Can you set up a 50 part email marketing campaign for my business?

Absolutely, we can also provide this in our packages: Start Up, Go Geek or Grow Big. Here we offer basic packages for setting up email marketing. If you want a bigger package, you can contact us via the Fiverr Freelance page and we will create a package according to your needs and wishes.

12.Does website management require a lot of knowledge and time?

Not really. Once the website and email marketing is set up, everything works completely automatically. The website is available 24/7, every day of the year and can serve up to 100 people at a time. And email marketing automatically sends marketing messages on a daily or weekly basis.

13.Why do you accept payments and orders via the Fiverr Freelance website?

Currently this option simply works best for us. Fiverr is a world-renowned Freelance website. Their company was founded in 2010. You can find all the services you need to set up and grow your business there. If you choose our service, we offer you a complete package of services at a very competitive price.

14.How does our service differ from our competitors offer?

Our competitors only offer stand-alone services such as website setup and design for your business. You need to sort out everything else by yourself: write content for the website and email marketing, set up email marketing. This is a time-consuming task that we can professionally complete ourselves in case you choose to order our services.






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