We will create a marketing campaign for your local business

Our team will create a full marketing campaign for your local business. We will create a professional flyer that will perfectly represent your company. By using relevant pictures, modern design and quality text, we will increase interest and desirability of your services and products. In addition, we will create an SMS and email marketing campaign for you. To your campaign you will add your existing customers who are already interested in your services. And through the content they will learn more about the advantages offered by your services and elegantly increase the interest and sales of your services, without promoting the services in an intrusive way.

Start Up
One-time payment
Our best deal
Perfect package for companies that want to increase sale of their services.
Campaign setup + A4 Flyer design
30 Written emails – Your content, our setup
10 Written SMS messages – Your content, our setup
Delivery time 14 days

Our team will ensure that you receive a professional flyer that will create interest in your services. We will also create SMS and email marketing that will build trust with your existing customers and increase sales. If you want to have a successful marketing campaign, you simply need to distribute as many flyers as possible in your area of operation and add as many of your existing customers to the SMS and email marketing campaign. Your customers should fill out a form with information about: email address, telephone number where they will receive information about your services and additional discounts. With signature they are agreeing to the terms of use. Occasionally, they will receive promotional messages and news about your services. They will also have the option to unsubscribe from SMS and email messages at any time. That being said our content will not just be promotional, but very friendly to your customers with the intention of building trust.

We have decided to do business solely through Fiverr Freelance website because they provide our customers with completely secured payments. Your payment will not go to our team until you approve the work we have provided. It is also very easy to discuss the project via Freelance site. We regularly keep you informed how the project is progressing and at the same time you can let us know your wishes and ideas that you want us to implement on the project.

Ordering through Fiverr Freelance site is as fast and secure as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

  1. Register your account and placed an order.
  2. Fill out all information about the project.
  3. Download the app and follow the process.
  4. Regularly communicate with Albert.
  5. Albert receives payment once you approve the project.

Additional costs which are not included in the price of our services:

1. Printing and distribution of flyers around your area 100-1000$/Depending on the scope of promotion.
2. Email and SMS marketing services. 100- 500$/Year

P.S. We will process your order as soon as possible and guide you with:

1. Registering SMS and email marketing services if needed.
2. You will provide us with information about your company and services, and then we will immediately start working on your project.

What can you expect from us?

Our team will create a perfect marketing campaign that will be fully tailored to your company and services you provide. We create a flyer, SMS and email marketing campaign for you. We take full care of the content – only for Go Geek and Grow Big package, design and pictures. We will set up your SMS marketing campaign in a way that your subscribers will receive SMS messages once a month. And email messages will be delivered on a weekly basis. With 10 SMS messages you will stay in contact with your customers over period of 10 months, while 30 email messages will ensure communication for about 7 months. The campaign will work automatically; the only thing that needs to be done manually is entering your existing customers on the list via your SMS and email marketing provider.

How can a marketing campaign help your business?

A marketing campaign can be very helpful if you want to gain new customers and at the same time stay in touch with your existing customers on a weekly basis. By creating a flyer we describe your services and company. You then distribute the flyer around the area where your potential customers are located. We create an SMS and email marketing campaign so you can stay in touch with your existing customers. We write special content that is relevant to your company and services. With this content you will build trust and increase sales.

Your existing customers will receive thoughtfully prepared SMS and email messages completely automatically. They will receive SMS messages once per month and email messages once a week. You will ask each of your existing customers if they want to sign up for SMS and email notifications about news and discounts related to your services. You can prepare a simple form which will include a signature, email address and mobile phone number from your existing customers. You will have a confirmation that your customer agree to receive SMS and email notifications about your company and services. You can contact us via Fiverr website if you would like us to create a form for your customers.

Get Professional SMS & Email Marketing Campaign

Start Up Package: $75

  • We create a design based on your requirements.

  • We create content that describes your services.

  • We offer SMS & email marketing, flyer design.

  • 24/7 support

Questions? Our round-the-clock support team is available to help anytime, anywhere. Contact us now for more information.

  • Protected payments, every time

Always know what you’ll pay upfront. Your payment is protected by Fiverr Freelance website and you have your consumer rights, your project will not be completed until you approve the work.

  • The best for every budget

High-quality services at a competitive price. No hourly rates, just project-based pricing. No additional costs for our services. One-time payment.

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