Everything you need to know about website setup and design

We have an experienced web developer in the Learn Connect Create team. Albert Clarke has many years of experience with setting up and designing websites on the WordPress platform. In this article, Albert will tell you everything you need to know about setting up and designing a website for your business.

Clear, fast and mobile friendly:

This is what makes a good website today. Above all, the website must be clear and easy to navigate. As soon as we visit the home page we need to get all the basic information about a particular company and services. We need to learn what the company does and what services it offers, how much do they cost, and how to place an order.

Website needs to work fast and be mobile friendly. Most web users today use mobile phones and that is why the website needs to be completely tailored to smartphones. We need to have photos on the page that are optimized for speed. It is also recommended that we use a quality provider such as SiteGround to host the website.

Modern design, great articles and photos:

The fact is that people these days buy products and services with their eyes. If we like the look of something, we will most likely decide to buy it. We may be attracted to the design or the photo we see on the website. And of course, content is also very important.

Content is what makes visitors come to our website. Visitors expect to find certain information on the website. The more detailed our description and the flow of conveyed information, the more customers we will gain. Be aware that articles also play an important role. We can raise interest in our services with fun, informative and relevant content.

Unique logo design is a must:

Logo design is that small detail on a website that can make a big impression. The best logo design is unique, modern, minimalist and one that best represents the story of our company. With logo design we should always take our time, and sometimes it is necessary to do some revisions before we get the best version.

A good logo can later on help us build recognition of our company. We can print our logo on T-shirts, A4 flyers, car stickers and pens. When we upload logo design to the website, we will always check and make sure that it looks good on the website. Our Learn Connect Create team always recommends that logo design is displayed to web visitors even while they browse and move to the lower part of the website.

Setting up important plugins:

In order for the website to work in its full power, it is recommended to use our plugins, which we use on all websites. Some plugins provide faster page loading, others are used for more modern design and enable better user experience, and we also have such plugins that protect the website from any intrusions or attacks.

We need to take the time to set up all the plugins. Our team always makes sure that they are all compatible and that they work perfectly together. Sometimes it happens that some just don’t work well together.

Final thought:

Currently, the Internet already has more than 4.7 billion users. The big question is, does our company need a website? … Yes, absolutely. People all over the world spend 2 hours and 24 minutes a day browsing the web. Why not use these statistics to your advantage?

Yes, there are also potential customers for our services on the web. The website can be used as a marketing tool. We can attract new visitors to the site from the region where we operate, or it can be visited by existing customers.

In any case, with good content we can convert our visitors into customers. Learn Connect Create team can create a website for you if you don’t already have one. Or we can also update it if you are using the WordPress platform.

A good user experience is very important so start working on it if you haven’t already. Why just have a website for the sake of existing. It can be much more. If it is designed in the right way, it can become a very powerful marketing tool.


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